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Recessed and Surface-Mounted Charge Points:

  • Gives land back - Slim profile provides better use of limited space.
  • Smart front-of-house appearance - Choice of coloured fascia to suit most properties.
  • Cables fitted within the wall - Better security.

Display Screen:

  • Gives unit status confirmation back to the user.
  • The user has a second confirmation that the charger point will charge as planned, ensuring that the car is ready to drive away at the intended time.

Tilted Display Screen:

  • The Stevie® charger point is one of the only units with the display tilted at an angle that allows the user to easily see the screen without bending down.


  • Secure key to override the App for instant unit set-up operation or quick boost charge.
  • Instant cable lock function. Turns a socketed unit into a tethered cable unit and prevents cable theft.

Patented* Socketed Design:

  • Where the user decides on mounting style, recessed or surface mounted, at the time of purchase.

7.5m Tethered Design:

  • 7.5m long cable as standard for added convenience.
  • Non-tethered cables often attract dirt while not in use or are stored at the bottom of the car’s boot making them inconvenient to remove - Having a tethered cable built-in does away with this problem.
  • Secure, anti-theft cable solution - The cable is permanently attached.

The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021:

  • The Stevie® Charge Points comply with The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 and the December 2022 edition.
  • Most importantly giving improved cyber and unit security and up-to-date peace of mind.

Single Phase 7.4KW Power:

  • The single phase offers a maximum of 7.4KW power charging to the car for fast charging.

Coloured Fascias:

  • Offers a choice of colour to the unit to complement the property’s external appearance.
  • Improved UV-shielded plastics - Protection against sunlight fade.


  • Allows the user to personalise their Stevie® unit by adding their property name in the personalisation window so that others have no doubt who the charger point belongs to.
  • Behind fascia card placement keeps the personalisation card fresh, professional looking and protected from the elements.
  • The personalisation window is illuminated.
  • Gives total choice of personalisation to the owner, user or installer.

Light On Button:

  • The touch-sensitive button allows illumination of the display, socket connection area, and personalisation window at night with the auto-timed turn-off to prevent light pollution.

3 Phase Ready on Surface Mounted Options:

  • 3 Phase (11KW and 22KW) charging points will allow EV drivers to future-proof and/or receive faster-charging speeds for minimal cost.

Built-In PEN-Fault Protection:

  • Ease of installation - Built-in PEN-fault protection technology to eliminate the need for Earth Rod installation in most cases.

Smart Energy Ready:

  • Allows the user to decide on the energy source at any time - Mains/solar/wind.

Any Car Using Type 2 Connectors:

  • 95% (and growing) of the EV vehicle charging market.

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