Introducing Stevie, the new British design EV charger with patent-pending recessed, surface-mounted, socket or tethered (corded) installation options. Developed with a modern, minimalistic focus, enabling rapid installation. Its unique sleek recessed design means it does not encroach on precious real estate.


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Stevie Accessories

Stevie comes with a range of accessories.


Compatible with Stevie recessed and surface-mounted EV charge points. Personalise your Stevie by adding a UV-shielded coloured fascia.

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Coloured Cable Holder

Keep your Stevie charger tidy with a cable holder available in a choice of colours to match your charger unit and complement the property's external appearance.

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Powering Your Journey

Stevie was conceived to deliver a seamless blend of sophistication and functionality tailored specifically for electric vehicle (EV) drivers and commercial parking spaces. Its design embodies versatility and elegance, offering a solution where EV drivers can effortlessly recharge their vehicle batteries by connecting the charging cable to the designated socket or using the connected lead on tethered versions. When paired with Monta, Stevie extends its capabilities to encompass a comprehensive array of features, including but not limited to managing charger status, user access, monitoring energy consumption, and beyond.

Recessed or Surface-mounted (patent-pending) mounting options.

Explore a spectrum of design possibilities with our six key options, allowing you to tailor your EV charging experience to perfection. Opt for the sleek integration of recessed or the bold visibility of surface-mounted designs. Decide whether you prefer a display for added convenience or a minimalist look without one. Additionally, for surface-mounted chargers, customise further by choosing between tethered or non-tethered configurations. With these choices, you have the ultimate control over your EV charger, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your preferences and lifestyle.

Surfaced Mounted Option

In addition to its recessed option, the Stevie Charge Point also offers a 'surface-mounted' fitting manner. The quick and easy installation process remains a hallmark of this design with a surface sleeve allowing connection to the wall. With the additional option of either a socketed or tethered charging option. Whether you choose the sleek recessed integration or the traditional surface-mounted fitting, the Stevie Charge Point stands out for its versatility and user-friendly features.

Recessed Option

Our patented* Stevie® Charge Point recessed design sits within the wall of your building. With a hole size of 235mm x 235mm, approximately equivalent to the width of one standard house brick by three bricks in height, it adds a sleek aesthetic to your property. The installation is quick and straightforward, making it an ideal space-saving solution for any new build. By utilising existing space with the wall, we are not just providing a charging solution but also contributing to the preservation of irreplaceable land.

Discreet Dimensions

The recessed design hides 60% (90mm) of the charger within the wall to blend the charger perfectly into your home set up by reducing the depth and saving you space.

Installing your EV charger just got easier

Secure Cable Installation

2 options - Cable entry points to the rear and base of the unit, ensuring a seamless and tidy setup.

Modular Installation Parts

The modularly designed units allow for outer sleeves and fascias to be easily replaced if accidentally damaged.


Enhance connectivity by selecting your preferred option – whether it's through WIFI or a 4G Module.

Easy Support

Have any questions? You can review our installation guide online or contact us directly for help with your installation.

Touch sensitive button to illuminate the LCD display and charging socket.
Downward facing soft light to illuminate the charging socket for 30-60 seconds when it is dark outside.
3 Colour LED Status Indicator (Red, Green, Blue).
Side-lit window for placement of individual personalisation / co-branded contact card.
RFID (Radio-frequency identification). Immediate charging using the tag supplied.
LCD notification screen for checking status. Tilted upwards to givethe user the best viewing angle.
Socket (Type 2).
Up to 22kW of fast-charging power
No earthing rod required
Tethered cable for instant plug-and-go charging
Interchangable fascia and cable holder with 6 colour options are available. (Pearl White is supplied as standard, other available colours: Almond White, Brick Red, Metal Blue, Sage Green and Anthracite Grey)
Suitable for residential properties and commercial properties, (homes, offices, factories, restaurants, hotels, sports venues etc.)
Wifi 4 - high-speed connectivity to the household
Smart charging - pre-configured to avoid charging during peak hours
Solar energy surplus compatible

Control your Charger With Monta

Smart control charging using green energy

The partnership between JPL EV and Monta ensures owners of Stevie Charge point will have access to Monta's 'smart charging' product feature, automatically optimising all-electric vehicles charging schedule according to a number of different factors, including when energy is cheapest and/or greenest.

  • Mobile app-controlled charging
  • Use your surplus locally generated solar or wind energy to charge your electric car
  • Choose and set a charging completion time
  • Smart scheduled charging feature
  • Compatible with all EVs & PHEVs
  • Review statistics and analytical data
  • Lock Your Charger feature
  • Remote Software Locking - Give family and friends access to use your charge point even when you’re not there
  • Immediate charge boost button (RFID)
  • Understand your charging costs



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