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Cable Management Systems

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Home Charging

Stevie is an ideal solution for home charging. Offering new home developers a stylish and compact new EV charging solution that provides better use of limited space.

Apartment Charging

Our charging solution is ideal for apartment complexes. With fast, safe, and Wi-Fi enabled app and RFID-controlled charge points.

Commercial Charging

Perfect solution for commercial locations. With Stevie's compact design and ability to either surface mount, recess mount, or mount on a pillar, you have the freedom to choose your ideal location.

Choose Your Mounting Method

As part of the planning requirements now in force within the UK, the patent-pending recessed design ensures that the charge point only protrudes 52mm from the wall of any home and only takes the space of 3 standard house bricks. Making the charge point a subtle new feature on all new homes, while also helping developers meet regulations and future-proof new builds.



Creating a Sustainable Future

At JPL EV we are committed to futureproofing our products by making sure our Stevie chargers are robust and fit for purpose without compromising on style. Allowing our customers to focus on using green energy and reducing their impact on the environment.

Multiple Fascia Colour Options

Stevie is Compatible with All Well-Known Car Manufacturers

100+ compatible makes and models

Control your Charger With Monta

Monta allows you to control your Stevie charger. Set your preferences, change your settings and keep an eye on how much energy you are using.

Smart Settings

Set your ready by time by entering the time you want your car to be fully charged. We'll communicate with your car and take care of the rest. Ensuring your car is ready when you need it.

Track Your Useage

Keep track of the cost, energy, and carbon impact of your charging sessions, at home and away.

Save More

Save money and CO2, by automatically charging when greener, cheaper eneray is more readily available.

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